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Gold Sourcing – Kaloti Precious Metals sources gold globally and in varied forms, including mined gold, scrap gold, jewellery, and pure gold. It is our policy and practice to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, to comply with all applicable laws, and to do business only with persons who themselves abide by law and ethical principles. To learn more about our policy when dealing in precious metals, please click here.

Gold Sourcing

Gold’s global impact

International trade is beneficial to both developed and developing countries. Sourcing products from developing countries may present challenges that are uncommon in most developed countries. Standards can be different. For example, workplace regulations and considerations around health and safety, environmental standards, trade union rights, and levels of pay are often different from what is considered ‘normal’ today in most developed countries.However, the response from developed countries should not be to automatically stop sourcing products from these countries as that would lead to increased poverty and potentially worse business practices. Rather it is important that international and domestic business, governments, civil society and consumers all play their part in raising standards and encouraging responsible global trade.

As an investment asset, gold offers the opportunity for diversification and protection against risk in increasingly complex financial markets. Research from the World Gold Council highlights the many ways gold is being used in government and investment portfolio management, including hedging against inflation and preserving wealth.

Gold is an important component of the advanced technologies we rely on every day – from lifesaving medical applications to clean energy solutions.
It powers innovative technologies across many industries.

In addition to gold’s impact as an investment product, in jewellery and in technological applications, responsibly undertaken gold mining and related activities can also play an important role in achieving sustainable development and alleviating poverty in the countries where it is found.*Source World Gold Council